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Ribfest Toronto wedding Canada Day fundraising event

June 26, 2015 7:11 pmViews: 183

Ribfest Toronto Wedding at 2015 Ribfest Festival.

Ribfest Toronto Wedding Canada Day event.

Invitation to the Ribfest Toronto Wedding on June 27, 2015 during the festival.

One wedding, five-day Canada Day Party, and the goal is to raise $500,000!

It is the meat-lover’s culinary event of the year. It is where you can watch the ribbers and experience the smoke, sounds, tastes and smells.

TORONTO – On June 27th, the five day Toronto Ribfest festival kicks off.  A fun event to watch is the 14 best BBQ masters compete for bragging rights for the ‘best ribs’.

Toronto wedding at Ribfest five day Canada Day Party.

Fidel Gastro’s Food Truck won the #1 Food Truck in Canada.

This year the event held a Ribfest Toronto Wedding contest to the roaster and an invite to everyone.

The First Ribfest Toronto Wedding Saturday., June 27, 2015 @ 4pm.

The all-expenses-paid wedding of Francis and Pamela from Fergus, ON was a lovely event to watch. The young couple and their three-year-old daughter lost their home last year when a tornado tore it apart. At the time, Francis was stationed at Canadian Forces Base Borden.

Ribfest Toronto wedding Canada Day event.

Country-chic celebration for Ribfest Toronto Wedding couple on June 27, 2015.

The Ribfest Toronto wedding sponsors for the non-profit event. They are the Toronto Ribfest, Rotary Etobicoke,, Pure Storm Studios, Fraiche Floral Design Studio, Cakity Cakes, Designs by Liselle, Kettle Creek Weddings and the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre.

The other attractions happening during the 5-day event.

Ebola Relief Concert – Sunday June 28.

The Ebola concert features the Haitian band Carimi and other musical acts. And the free concert is to raise the awareness and funds for the ongoing efforts in West Africa. So to eradicate the disease and support the recovery of the people, the infrastructure and the economy.

The Pan Am Heroes Day – Tuesday June 29.

Ribfest is bringing the Pan Am Games to Toronto early. And by bringing together local athletes and musical acts from some of the countries in the game, it is a special nod to the Pan Am and Parapan Am community of nations.

The Ribfest VIP Experience.

The VIP Experience service offer is no line ups. The advance admission is $15. And it is $20 at the festival.

Craft Beer and Artisan Cheese Tasting.

The Ontario craft breweries and cheese makers have new combinations. The tasting tokens are $20 a glass. And you can buy the tokens online to reserve a spot.

Canada Day July 1st FIREWORKS celebrates Canada’s birthday.

The Toronto Ribfest Food and Music Festival is at Centennial Park in Toronto.
Saturday June 27 to Canada Day July 1, 2015, 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

• Ribfest is Toronto’s largest Canada Day fundraiser. The $500,000 dollars they raise is 100% volunteer. And the community volunteers contribute over 6,000 volunteer hours. None of the management team are paid.
• The Ribfest is the top 100 Festival and Event in Ontario for four years.
• 90 local organizations and dozens of international organizations. And the project funds are by Rotary Etobicoke over the past seven years.
• Over the past years Toronto Ribfest has raise more than $5-million for the community. Rotary keeps 0%.

Article update April 21, 2016. Visit Toronto Ribfest.

W&H | Ribfest Toronto Wedding during Canada Day Festival.


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