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Newlyweds library for After the Wedding tips

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Newlyweds library Picks.

Newlyweds library books from how to make your marriage work to how to get along with your mother-in-law!

Celebrating your new home.

Newlyweds library for After the Wedding tips. Actress Jane Seymour Making Yourself at Home book.The Newlyweds library pick for you when you are setting up your new home.

Award-winning actress Jane Seymour has opened her home in California to readers. She offers tips, techniques and advice on how to create personal spaces within your own home in Making Yourself at Home.

She encourages budding home decorators to discover their own style. And to turn their homes into havens of peace, joy and serenity.

Seymour inspires readers to use what they already have. An approach that is both affordable and practical. The book also includes how-to ideas for invitations, place settings and décor.

It is a natural for newlyweds to use as a source when decorating.

Visit or Making Yourself at Home by Jane Seymour. DK Publishing. 978-0-7566-2892-5 Hardcover 191 pages.

Newlyweds library Picks. A Timeless Tool.
Newlyweds library book To Have and to Hold.Bestselling author June Cotner has put together a compilation of prayers, poems, toasts and blessings in her book To Have and To Hold. The book is designed to encourage newlyweds to maintain the love that brought them together in matrimony.

The book is a timeless tool that married couples can use as a natural personal source. One of the blessings in the book is as follows.

Seven Wedding Blessings.
Because you have chosen a life together.
May your joy deepen.
May your wisdom increase.
May your passion for life and each other intensify.
May your compassion for yourselves and others expand.
May our support and gentleness toward each other grow.
May your generosity to yourselves, each other and your community be enhanced.
May goodness abide with you always and may you flourish and prosper together.
– Davi Walders.

To Have and To Hold by June Cotner. Hardcover. Pages 160. ISBN 1-931722-91-9. ISBN 13: 978-1-931722-91-9. Visit

Newlyweds library for After the Wedding tips.

First Comes Love then Marriage. Then the in-laws!
Newlyweds library for After the Wedding tips. How to survive inlaws.We can’t pick our families. Or who we fall in love with. But there are some answers to coping with in-laws in the book How to Survive Your In-Laws.

It has tools and laughs for readers searching for support or guidance in making relationships stronger with their in-laws.

Author Andrea Syrtash interviewed hundreds of couples as well as the families that come with them. She has put them in a book that provides tips and stories from real people. Several tips may help other couples make informed decisions on how to adjust to a potential in-law situations.

The chapter topics include Meeting future in-laws for the first time. Handling cultural differences and language barriers. Learning to be part of the family. Enduring the pros and cons of family get-togethers. Handing the kids over to their grandparents.

How to Survive Your In-Laws

Newlyweds Library Picks. Making It Work.
Newlyweds library for After the Wedding tips. Making It Work book.Despite the soaring rate of divorce every couple that marries expects that their relationship will be in the small percentage that not only survives but thrives. The Making it Work book explains that a marriage is filled with unfailing love, generosity and commitment. Fulfillment, happiness and trust. It is more than just a fleeting desire or distant dream.

After the dissolution of her own marriage author Catherine Aniebonam applied her experience and revelations to assist couples regardless of the current state of their relationship. Or the amount of counseling they may have already utilized.

She provides encouragement and helpful hints on living through the difficult and lonely times of the most common marital woe. When one partner’s indifference leaves the other frustrated. Confused and in doubt.

The first section of the book is inspired to help improve relationships. The second section contains inspirational guidance to restore hope. And to heal the soul. Ending with worksheets to provide self-improvement and a faith-building guide.

Making It Work by Catherine Aniebonam.

After You Walk Down the Aisle
Newlyweds library book The First 90 Days of Marriage.The First 90 Days of Marriage is filled with pull-no-punches honesty, down-to-earth advice and useful ways to put it all into practice. It covers how to stay madly in love through life’s ups and downs. How to tackle life as a team. And how to handle conflict in a healthy way. Using real-life examples the book uncovers typical newlywed challenges.

Authors Eric Lundy and Leslie Lundy explain how to use those crucial first 90 days to develop necessary habits of kindness, forgiveness, fun, warmth, reconciliation and patience.

The First 90 Days of Marriage by Eric and Leslie Lundy visit

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