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Johnny Depp Amber Heard wedding on private island

February 8, 2015 1:08 pmViews: 236

Photo of the day Johnny Depp Amber Heard attire.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard wedding on private island.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – it’s all in the hat!

People magazine reported that Depp and Heard were married on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2015. It was at their home in West Hollywood. This usually happens when couples want to make sure their wedding is legal in the US.

The Johnny Depp Amber Heard wedding was held on Depp’s 45-acre private island in the Bahamas, Sunday, February 8th. The small private beach wedding included Depp’s two children and friends.

When superstar Johnny Depp, 51, and actress Amber Heard, 28, were rumored engaged over the holidays – who knew that the wedding would really happen. They did throw a big celebration party in Hollywood for their family and friends. But they have had a few ups and downs since then.

Hollywood can be tough on romances that do and don’t work out.

In the Bahamas, Depp and Heard walked down a simple sandy beach to get married. I was betting on a simple beach wedding rather than a big affair. Heard has often been referred to as a free spirit.

Depp bought the Little Hall’s Pond Cay island in 2004 for $3.6US million.

The couple met when they were filming The Rum Diary (2011), an American film based on the novel of the same name by one of Depp’s favorite writers Hunter S. Thompson.

They started dating when Depp separated after a long relationship with French actress, Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his two children.

Watch for the outfits, especially the groom’s hat. If he wears one, it will be something special.

I am sure the Johnny Depp Amber Heard wedding was a great party! Stay tuned …

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