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Grooms tuxedo styles accessories trends tips

The Grooms tuxedo style is formal or informal for him and his groomsmen.

If you need a grooms tuxedo and you don’t own one, you can borrow or rent one.

Grooms tuxedo styles accessories trends tips.

George Clooney & Brad Pitt tuxedo ideas
at the Venice Film Festival.

The grooms tuxedo style depends on the time of your wedding. And if it is modern, traditional or a theme.

If your wedding has a theme, your outfit will be a theme costume which you can borrow, rent or have made.

If you are buying a “theme” suit, make sure that the wedding details and theme are clearly indicated. So that the sales personnel can give you their maximum help.

For formal and semi-formal weddings a grooms tuxedo  is traditionally worn. The temperature will dictate the fabrics. Unless you are having a theme wedding, formal attire is usually not worn in the daytime.

For informal weddings, single-color suits or jackets with contrasting trousers are worn. Depending on the season and climate, the colors go from gray to navy blue.

Shirts are soft white and ties that are done with a four-in-hand knot. Shoes are white or black dress with matching socks. If you are in a military service, you can decide if you want to be married in your dress uniform or “civies”.

The Best Man and his Attendants will dress in the same style as the Groom.

Because the Groom’s father is not in the wedding party, he does not have particular fashion requirements.

However, he may dress in the same fashion as the father of the Bride. Or he may dress as the invited guests do.

For the Grooms tuxedo – your Bride will decide if she wants you to wear a flower from her bouquet. Which is a romantic custom.

White rosebuds are the most popular choice.

For the Best Man – his boutonnière is different than yours and can be selected from the Maid of  Honor’s bouquet.

Groomsmen’ boutonnières are different. They are often a single carnation or a flower selected from the Bridesmaid’ bouquets.

Fathers and grandfathers of the couple – if they choose to wear boutonnières they should also be different from yours and the Best Man.

Traditionally, a single flower or flowers taken from the Bridesmaids’ bouquets are appropriate.

Other male relatives who aren’t in the wedding party but who want to join in on the celebration also wear boutonnières.

Grooms tuxedo Formal Wear Tips.

A waistcoat is a vest. The ascot  is a scarf-like tie looped under the chin, worn with a cutaway coat. The white tie and white vest are worn with a winged-collar shirt, a black tailcoat and matching trousers.

The cutaway, also known as a morning coat, is the daytime formal tailcoat. It comes in black or gray and is worn with striped trousers.

The walking coat or stroller is a slightly longer black or gray jacket also worn with striped trousers.

The slip-on shoe is a plain dress shoe in black patent or smooth leather such as kid. The opera pump is a patent leather slip-on shoe with grosgrain bows on the toes.

The pocket square handkerchief is small and dressy, worn in the upper jacket pocket. It is not worn with a boutonnière.

The formal dress shirt collar has a stiff stand-up collar with folded-down tips.

Grooms tuxedo Formal Styles.

Daytime (before 6 p.m.) – The groom wears a morning suit that is a black or charcoal gray cutaway jacket with striped trousers. A pearl gray waistcoat, stiff white shirt with a fold-down collar and a tie or a traditional ascot. It is worn with black silk socks and black kid shoes.

Evening (after 6 p.m.) – The groom wears white tie and tails or a black tailcoat with black trousers. White piqué bow tie, a white wing-collar shirt and vest.

Tuxedos have a black or ivory dinner jacket and trousers with a satin or grosgrain stripe down the outside of the pant leg. Cummerbunds are worn with single-breasted jackets which hide the waist-band when the jacket is open.

Suspenders instead of belts hold up the pants. Black patent leather or kid shoes are the order of the day.

Semi-formal Grooms tuxedo.
Daytime (before 6 p.m.)
A suit-style dark gray or black stroller jacket is worn with stripe pants. Worn with a soft white shirt, tie and black shoes. An Edwardian suit may be worn, but it gives a costume effect with wide velvet lapels and a ruffled, white or colored shirt.

Evening (after 6 p.m.)
A black or midnight-blue or white dinner or tuxedo jacket and matching trousers. Piqué or pleated-front white shirt with attached collar, black bow tie and black waistcoat. Or cummerbund worn with black patent leather or kid shoes.

Informal day and evening Grooms tuxedo.
Depending on the climate and what the bride is wearing, you can choose a  light or dark suit. A navy blue jacket with white trousers. A white jacket with dark gray trousers or a tuxedo.

Suits and jackets are worn with a white soft shirt, striped or a small patterned tie, with black dress socks and oxfords.

Grooms Tuxedo General Tips for modern or traditional weddings.

• Ties and pocket squares are not meant to match.

• Suspenders or braces are used to hold up the trousers when a cummerbund is worn.

• Cummerbund is a pleated waist cover which is worn instead of a vest. It usually matches a bow tie. Depending on what fashion is in, cummerbunds come in plain colors, tartans or prints. Pleats of the cummerbund always point up.

• A double-breasted tuxedo jacket is kept buttoned (worn without a cummerbund).

• Traditionally, evening attire is not worn during the daytime. But today, grooms have choices just like brides and they wear what they want.

• Usually only the Ushers wear white gloves.

• Shoes may be rented with tuxedos. In fact, the rental package can include everything but your underwear.

• For out-of-town groomsmen, most formal rental stores issue written instructions and a self-addressed measurement form. If the store is part of a chain, usually fittings can be arranged at no charge.

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Today’s trend in wedding attire for gentlemen is stylish and flexible.

For an informal look – try a black tone-on-tone fine wool suit. The suit can also be worn with cummerbund and bow tie as well as suspenders for a totally different look.

For a formal look – the same suit can be coordinated with:

A shirt with a front fly and French cuffs. Black onyx or gold cuff-links make a great accent.

A vest adds a touch of formal style.

A formal black and white neck tie or silver grey tie can add a touch of elegance.

A white silk pocket puff makes a nice touch if you wish.

Formal black patent leather shoes finish the look.

After the formalities you can change the look completely by adding color. Such as an earthy red tie and a colorful striped shirt which will give you a styles look for the evening.
– Trends courtesy: House of Salgado, Toronto.

Cuff links come in all shapes, colors, materials and prices. Often they coordinate studs for shirts to complete your wedding outfit.

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