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Green Wedding planning takes careful grid choices

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Planning a real green wedding off the power grid.

Green Wedding planning takes careful grid choices.

Stacie Wickham and Joey Shepp at their green wedding in Mendocino County.

Planning an eco-friendly real Green Wedding.

Sorting through an array of green choices can be overwhelming, especially when planning your wedding.

This is how Stacie Wickham and Joey Shepp planned their green wedding. The couple met at the Dominican University of CA’s Green MBA program in 2005 and fell in love. When they decided to get married in the most eco-friendly way they found a place. The Shambhala Ranch in California helped them to realize their dream.

Green Wedding planning takes careful grid choices.The ranch is near the coastal town of Mendocino in Northern California. It is where you do not see any electrical or telephone lines. The center is run completely on solar power.

On the seventh of July 2007, Stacie and Joey exchanged vows at the ranch. “We strive in our daily lives to conserve energy, reduce waste and save water. So when we started planning our wedding our first objective was to host an event that was in alignment with our values. And that their wedding would leave no harmful environmental footprint behind,” says Stacie.

Their wedding planning included paperless invites. Carbon Offsets for all travel. Organic, local and seasonal food. Re-usable table settings. Biodegradables. Organic clothing and recycled rings.

The organic food at the wedding was prepared on-site by a local caterer. Organic wine was provided by a local winery. And they served fair-trade coffee.

They invited people through their website. Which is hosted by a provider powered by wind energy.

The couple purchased carbon credits to offset the transportation energy used by their guests. Whenever possible tables were set with re-usable table settings.

The Bride is part owner in an organic leather design company. Her wedding dress was made from buckskin and recycled materials.

Their engagement and wedding rings were created by local artists from recycled platinum and emeralds.

Instead of creating a registry for physical gifts. The couple requested guests bring a gift in the form of spoken words. Or a shared song.

Guests participated by taking photos and videos of the event. Assisting the bride and groom in getting ready. Or bringing handmade art.

The couple gifted back to their guests and to the earth. By providing each with a tree cutting carefully prepared so that it would be ready for planting on their return home.

The newlyweds went off to enjoy an Eco-Honeymoon at the Maui Retreat. They own environmentally friendly businesses in northern California.

Green Wedding planning using eco-friendly products and services.

A pioneer in solar energy, organic wine production and conservation. Mendocino County was the first county in the United States to ban genetically modified organisms GMOs. Many of the B&Bs, inns, hotels and rentals have been designed for the environmentally-conscious visitor.

You do not need to be a resident to marry in California. Visit County Clerk.

Photos by Arttemis Keszainn.

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