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Fitness Tips Brides and Grooms planning weddings

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Changing the relationship with food and fitness tips to get or stay healthy.
Fitness Tips Brides and Grooms planning weddings, engagement photo Tomas Ramos
How to change relationship with food to keep fit or lose weight while planning your wedding. And to help control stress especially when gown shopping.

Fitness Tips for couples during planning your weddings.

1. First write down your current reality. Where you are right now in your body and mind.

Then look ahead to where you want to be in your body and mind. More energy. Eating healthy. Feeling great. Metabolically fit. Write it down in your journal.

2. Examine and challenge your basic beliefs about foods. Those that are holding you back from getting down to your desired weight and health.

3. Redefine yourself as someone who eats healthy and exercises regularly. Imagine a new you and begin to be that person.

4. Stop using foods for non-nutrient purposes. Learn other ways to cope with stress.

5. Allow yourself to grieve over the loss of your unhealthy eating habits. Then let it go!

Fitness Tips Brides and Grooms planing weddings

6. Eat only at planned meal times and planned snack times.

7. Don’t focus on the scale. Start focusing on healthy behavior and lifestyle.

8. Let go of the ‘I wish I were thinner comments’. Work to make you the best you can be. No comparing allowed!

9. Write down your goals. Where you want to be in three-months. Six months and one year. Keep a daily journal.

10. Take fitness tips seriously.

• Tips courtesy: Dr. Wayne Andersen founder of Take Shape For Life

• Engagement Photo in New York City:

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