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Fashion Fundraiser Designers Collections on Runway

Fashion Fundraiser Designers Collections for the Gala.

Fashion Fundraiser Designers Collections on Runway.

Fashion fundraiser designers gown from 2014 Fashions for Passions Gala.
Photo by Nhan Chung.

The fashion fundraiser designers showing their collections are from Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring fashion and arts. The 2015 Fashions for Passions designers are Fiona Veronicaf, Garvin Garcia, Tanushree Pande, and Dianna DiNoble.

Designer’s Collection comments for Fashions for Passions.

Fiona was born South of China and studied fashion at Seneca in Toronto, Ontario. The  collection is inspired by shiny metallic flowers and the romantic song Glitter in the Air by Pink. She performed the song at the 52nd GRAMMY Awards, symbolizing falling in love.

Flowers and silver sheen are incorporated into the collection to express true love and romance. The collection is inspired by designers DOLCE& GABBANA, ELIE SAAB and CHANEL.

Gavarcia is a haute couture inspired brand developed by Garvin Garcia. The line cultivating a fantasy world that often mimics a fairytale. Through research, studies and pure adoration for the craft, Gavarcia has allowed itself to be inspired by a European way of design, lifestyle and construction. Bespoke womenswear tailored garments, menswear and accessories.

The goal is to help continue the redirection of the way women perceive themselves into a more positive, healthy and confident manner through a traditional style and fashion. All women have insecurities. All women deserve to be beautiful and walk with strength, power and confidence.

Gavarcia’s goal is to offer that lifestyle for them. Bring back the romance and innocence and to empower and help them achieve the ability to exude that potential growth through their own personal identity.

The brand will hopefully infiltrate an old school/new age dynamic to a world that is on the edge of a fashion revitalization. And hopes to create strong and lasting relationships with the public.

Tanushree Pande, the designer and founder of Poplyn was born and brought up in India, with its multi cultural, colourful background and the effervescent charm. It was easy to fall in love with fashion with such a vast heritage all around her. She later moved to South Africa where again, the bold and beautiful cultural influences can be seen inspiring everyday fashion.

In addition to being the force behind the House of Poplyn, Tanushree is an avid illustrator, stylist and fashion writer. With works published in various online and print publications.

The collection RoyalPunk is inspired by micrographs of the invisible world or microorganisms, cells and other life forms. The Collection explores art and beauty as found in miniscule life forms through experimental surface textures, 3D shapes and intricate ornamentation.

Dianna DiNoble is celebrating her 22nd year with Starkers Corsetry! Based in Toronto, DiNoble creates individually crafted corsets for her clientele both local and worldwide. The line caters to a wide range of customers, from traditional brides and fashion trailblazers to risqué fetish lovers.

DiNoble creates themes for shows. But not traditional seasonal lines. She focuses on each couture piece and the client as a whole. She feels that women should not have to squeeze into a garment or a style to suit the current fashion trend. There are no dress sizes, and no two pieces are exactly the same at Starkers! The focus is creating a piece, from the pattern to its finish. That fits the client’s body and style, whether it is for every day or for an event.

DiNoble has lectured at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. She has appeared on Global News and Rich Bride / Poor Bride. And in several fashion magazines.

Fashions for Passion Gala. Wednesday, September 23rd, 6:30p.m. The Liberty Grand, Governor’s Room. Visit www.fashionsforpassions.ca.

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