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Chocolate Holiday Ideas for Winter Weddings

November 23, 2017 12:03 pmViews: 32

Chocolate Holiday Treat Ideas for Winter Wedding Themes.

Chocolate Holiday ideas you can use at theme weddings.

Chocolate holiday scrumptious selection of Miss Bailey Brown Chocolates. 

Master Chocolatier creates unforgettable Christmas Holiday Collection. 

If you are planning Christmas nuptials and looking to include unique chocolates and gourmet treats on your Sweet Table look no further.  Or the delicious chocolate delights can be for your Wedding Favors.

Natasha Romero Medrano is a chocolate artisan and the founder of Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate.   And she designs and produces an extraordinary assortment that will impress any wedding guest.  Or just anyone, for that matter.

Chocolate holiday ideas to use for your wedding reception sweet table.

Master chocolatier Natasha Romero Medrano making one of her special chocolates at the 2017 Toronto Luxury Chocolate Show. 

Chocolate Holiday Ideas in Miss Bailey Brown’s Christmas Collection.

For example, the chocolates in her Christmas Collection, The Golden Box, include such flavors as Candy Cane Fudge, Frosted Rum Cake, and Cranberry Tangerine.

Then there is her Be Bold, Be Brave Avant-Garde Collection, which features such deliciocities as Craft Beer & Bacon, Tamarind Pineapple Coconut, and Vanilla Spiced Chai.

Her Guilt Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Flavour Full! Stay Fit Stay Sweet collection is just as delectable as its Pistachio Praline, Mint Condition, and Chili Chamba flavors.

The Decadent gourmet treats include a delicious assortment of truffles (e.g., Red Velvet Cheesecake) and macarons (e.g., Salted Caramel).

It is not surprising that she was the most popular vendor at the show. When it comes to chocolate, she is not only innovative, but she knows how to present her products at their most inviting.

If you are in Toronto or close by and want to experience chocolate and gourmet creations. You can do so on November 26th at the Toronto Chocolate Festival’s new Christmas Chocolate and Pastry Fair.  And visit the Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate booth to experience her gourmet creations.

A portion of the proceeds from the Fair are being donated to the Prostate & Breast Canadian Initiatives Fund.

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