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Canada historic sites wedding venues

Weddings at Canada historic sites tap into rich tapestry of cultural heritage.

Canada historic sites unique wedding venue.

Fort Langley is one of the Canada historic sites for weddings from coast to coast.
Photo © Parks Canada.

The big question has been popped. Now the planning begins. If you are looking for an amazing location for your unforgettable day. You can make your own history by exchange your vows in a Canadian historic site. These sites make unique wedding themes as well.

Parks Canada manages the finest systems of protected heritage areas in the world. The sites’ park-like settings and period architecture offer one-of-a-kind backdrops.

“Canada’s national historic sites make up the rich tapestry of Canada’s cultural heritage,” says George Green, vice-president of heritage conservation and commemorations at Parks Canada. “They enable us to celebrate and experience our history in special ways.”

These unique locations are found right across the country. They are in large cities, or quiet, rural getaways. And each location can host a range of ceremonies and receptions. From intimate weddings for fewer than ten including your guests,  to large events.

Canada historic sites unique wedding venue.

The Bar U Ranch is one of Canada historic sites for wedding venues.
Photo © Parks Canada / Chupp Photography.

Here is a glimpse at five locations to give you an idea of what the national historic sites have to offer and how to reach them.

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site in Alberta.
The ranch is in the foothills of southern Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. It offers a bridge over Pekisko Creek, a tree-shaded clearing, heritage buildings and a Percheron horse-drawn wagon ride.

Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site in Quebec.
Overlooking the Ottawa River is Louis-Joseph Papineau‘s mid-19th century grand manor house. The small chapel and Salon Bleu are dream locations.

Fort Langley National Historic Site in British Columbia.
Since the time of the fur trade, Fort Langley has served as a romantic wedding site. The site is located on the outskirts of Vancouver.  Its period buildings, marquees and outdoor spaces accommodates weddings of all sizes.

Fort Malden National Historic Site in Ontario.
Fort Malden’s grounds, 19th century buildings, and riverfront along the banks of the Detroit River in Amherstburg offer a unique venue.

Canada historic sites unique wedding venue.

Halifax Citadel National Historic site.
Photo © Parks Canada/H. Rushton.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in Nova Scotia.
You can host your wedding in a venue that is steeped in rich heritage. Set atop of the city’s highest point, the Victorian-era fort overlooks the views of the harbor.

If you want to see other national historic site click here for a list of locations from coast to coast.

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